The door gate is reversible just by flipping it like a playing card. The photo above shows the door gate mounted with the hinges to the right.

Door Gate Hinges and Lock Locations
Door Gate Locking and Folding Construction

Step 1: Position door gate where you intend to mount it. Be sure it is oriented correctly and at the proper height. Note where the hinges will mount, and mark their position through the hinge bar onto the mounting surface.


Step 2: Select correct hardware according to the chart to the right. Use a drill bit according to the hardware chosen. Drill the mounting holes using your marks as guides.


Step 3: Mount the gate by the hinges, using the holes drilled in Step 2.


Step 4: Stretch the door gate closed. Position the locking bar on the surface where it will mount when locking the gate. Make sure the hasp lock is aligned properly.


Step 5: Mark and drill the holes for the lock bar (similar to step 2), and mount the bar (similar to step 3).


Step 6: Apply padlock if desired.

Scissor Gate pinch points

Warning: Please be cautious of pinch points when opening and closing the door gate.

Use hardware appropriate for the surface you are mounting to

Lag Bolt

5/16” x 2” lag bolt

Metal Bolt

5/16” x 1” bolt. Tap (thread) the metal mounting surface if possible

Anchor Bolt

5/16” x 2” anchor bolt