Single Fixed Scissor Gate

A single fixed folding steel security gate secure entrance ways, hallways and receiving doors while allowing light and air to circulate through the opening.


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  • Use for standard openings, patio doors, garages, industrial and commercial use.
  • One piece gates fit openings 3′ to 10′ wide and up to 8′ in height.
  • All gates are ready to ship.
  • Custom sizes available on request.

Parts Included:

  • Locking bar
  • Bearing washer
  • 2″ standard L brackets

Hardware and Accessories:

  • Padlocks
  • 6″ Bracket – Extends gate 6″ from wall or casing
  • 9″ Bracket – Extends gate 9″ from wall or casing
  • Gate handle for easier operation
  • School strap – Allows gates to be locked in retracted position


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