Double Fixed Scissor Gate

Sturdy vertical gate rails mount and pivot the gate completely out of the opening. Equipped with self-securing center drop pin. Our gates have universal mounting, on face or casing. The gates lock together at the middle with the use of a standard type padlock.


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– Secure outside access during the day and provide added security at night
– Gate pairs can be made to any size width, maximum height of 10′.
– Double gates swing out of the way
– Sizes to fit just about any door opening.

Hardware and Accessories:
– Padlock
– 6″ Bracket – Extends gate 6″ from wall or casing
– 9″ Bracket – Extends gate 9″ from wall or casing
– H Bracket mounts overhead in center of gate. Joins each half of pair gate
– Gate handles for easier operation
– School Strap allows gates to be locked in retracted position


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